Best Free VPN Apps

If we search on Google Play Store about free VPN, there are large number of apps in search result, and almost 90% of those apps claims that they provide you access of their VPN service totally free.

And for sure most of those apps might not ask you for your money, but at the end of the day you will be losing the more precious thing than money, and that thing is your privacy. Some of those apps are not that much secure, as a VPN app should be.

If you don’t know that what is VPN, and why should we use it, then read this article.

Free VPN Apps
Free VPN Apps

So, in this article I will tell you about some of the top VPN services, which are not only free but also reliable and secure to use. Here is the list of those:


VPN Hub give you the unlimited access to a single USS server without any limit in bandwidth, data and time allocation with that. In other words, there will be one server always available for you without any limit. But in case you want more servers, and better speed then you can also upgrade to their premium plan at any time. In free versions there might be ads but that are also not inclusive. Because the app will run in background most of the times, then those ads should not bother you at all.

You can download VPN Hub from here.

Windscribe VPN

The second app on this list is, Windscribe VPN. The best thing about this app is that, it gives free 10 GB of data on free account to all users. The interface of this app is very simple and clean. You just have to select the location for your VPN and tap the connect button. You can use that 10 GB of data on any platform like Android, Windows and Mac. In free limited plan you will have access of 11 free country servers. But if you want unlimited VPN, with Unlimited Bandwidth and servers then you can always upgrade to their premium plan.

You can download Windscribe VPN from here.

Tunnel Bear

Tunnel bear is the VPN service which is available from quite a long time. It is also one of the best and secure VPN services, which give you the 500 mb of data per month in free plan. But if you also tweet about their service from your tweeter handle, then you will get 1 GB extra data. The app is very simple to use, just tap on server you want to connect and then tap on connect button. The app is having premium plans according to different platforms like Android and windows.

You can download Tunnel Bear from here.

Proton VPN

Proton VPN is also one of the best and secure VPN services, which is also having free and premium plans. In free plan there is no restrictions on bandwidth, but you can select up to 3 servers only. And P2P protocol is also not allowed on free plan in this VPN service. There is not much effect on speed while using this VPN service.

You can download Proton VPN from here.

Betternet Free VPN

Betternet free VPN is completely free to use, therefore there are ads in this app to support the services. The app is very simple to use, you just have to click on connect button, and the app will connect you with the best available server. So, ads are better than someone selling your personal data.

You can download Betternet Free VPN from here.

So, these were the best VPN Apps available on which you can rely. I hope this article is informative. If I missed something, do let me know in comments.

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