Best Operating System for Hacking

In this article, I am going to answer the most common question of hacking field, which is best operating system for hacking? Is it Kali Linux? or Is it Parrot Security operating system? What about Windows and Mac?

Operating System for Hacking

First of all, let me simplify the situation. Just forget about Windows and Mac. No doubt these are good operating systems for daily use and also for some other uses, but when we talk about hacking, they are not that much good. The reason behind this is, lot of hacking tools are not designed for these operating systems. Although, you can get them work on these operating systems with by spending lot of time and efforts, but there will lot of bugs and issues with them. And there all lot of tools, you will not able to get them work on Windows or Mac.

So, now it is clear that you need a separate operating system, if you want to do hacking. And that operating system is Linux. You can install that, on separate computer if you have, you can make your system dual boot, or you can install that as a virtual machine on the operating system you use for daily purpose.

Now the question is that which Linux distro is best for hacking. If you know anything about Linux then you know that there are so many flavors or distros of Linux operating system, made to serve different purposes.

Most Popular Operating System for Hacking

There are two most popular Linux distros that are designed for hacking, and one is Kali Linux and another one is Parrot Security OS. Now again, the question is which one is the best.

Most Popular Operating System for Hacking
Most Popular Operating System for Hacking


To get this answer, you have to understand that, how these Linux distros are built. We have a number of general use Linux distros some of the examples are, Debian, Red Hat and Arch. Most of the popular hacking Linux distros like Kali Linux, Parrot Security OS and Back Box are built on Debian. Some of the hacking distros like Arch Strike and Black Arch are built on Arch. These hacking operating systems are just normal Linux Distros, which can also be used for any general purpose. But these operating systems comes with a large number of pre-installed hacking tools.

Kali Linux

Now if we go back in time, when these Kali Linux and Parrot OS had no existence, then hackers use to pick one of the Linux Distro and install these hacking tools manually and after that they have to configure those tools also. That was very hectic and time consuming. Now as we have these operating systems, thus the hacking becomes more convenient. Because these operating systems comes with all the tool required for hacking, pre-installed and pre-configured. That is the reason hacker use Kali Linux or other similar operating systems, in order to save their time.

So nowadays Kali Linux and Parrot Security OS got spotlight. Because these operating systems comes with thousands of hacking tools. Both of the tools are equally powerful. You can choose any of them according to your liking. Or if you are so sure that hacking is your thing, then you can go back and choose any Linux distro and make your on hacking operating systems with the tools you want to have in your hacking operating system.

I hope you like this article. If I miss something or you have some queries, do let me know in comments.

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