Best USB WIFI adapters used for hacking

USB WIFI adapters used for hacking :- A lot of people usually get confused when it is about wireless adapter and wireless cards. They don’t know what they are, why do they need them and how to select the right wireless adapter or wireless card, because there a number of brands and a number of models available in the market. In this article, I will try to clear that confusion.

USB WIFI Adapters
USB WIFI Adapters

What is a wireless adapter?

Wireless adapter is a device that you can connect with your computer via USB port, which further allow you to connect other WIFI devices or network. So, you can connect to WIFI and can communicate with other computers or devices that are connected to that same WIFI network. Most of the laptops and mobile phones have a built-in wireless adapter. But the main problem with that built-in wireless adapter in laptop is that, if you have Kali Linux installed as virtual machine, then you will be unable to access that built-in wireless adapter in it. You will need a USB wireless adapter for the purpose. And the second is that, most of these built-in wireless cards are not good for hacking because most of them do not support monitor mode or packet injection. So, if you installed Kali Linux as main operating system on your machine, then also you will not able to use that built-in wireless card for hacking.

USB WIFI adapters used for hacking
USB WIFI adapters used for hacking

Wireless Chipset

Atheros AR9271 (Supports only 2.4 GHz frequency)

Before going to the wireless adapters, brands and models supported by Kali Linux, I would like to share an Important factor, that is the chipset used inside wireless adapter. So, forget about the brand and models for now. I am going to tell about the chipset that is responsible for all the calculations and processing inside a wireless adapter. That is the only factor with which we can determine that the adapter is good or not. There are a number of chipsets that support monitor mode and packet injection and Kali Linux. But according to me the best one is Atheros AR9271. This chipset support monitor mode, packet injection, master mode, so you can use this to create fake access point or you can use it to hack into a network or inject packets. It supports most of the hacking attacks. One and only problem with this chipset is that it only supports the 2.4 GHz, thus if your target network uses 5GHz then you will not able to see that n monitor mode with this chipset. This does not mean that it is not a good chipset. Just because it literally cannot see 5 GHz traffic.

Now if you want to get the adapter which uses this chipset, then you have lot of options, but I am going to talk about only two. One is you can go with a branded one which is Alfa AWUS036NHA will be little costlier one and another option is you can go with unbranded one which will be a cheap option. Functionality of both the adapters will be same. The main difference is the build quality. Alpha is very good company and the quality of product will be very high.

Realtek RTL8812AU

This chipset got its support by Kali Linux in 2017. It supports monitor mode, packet injection, 2.4 GHz frequency and 5 GHz frequency. It can do all what Atheros AR9271 can do, but it also supports the 5 GHz frequency. In this again you have two options. One is you can go with a budget one or you can choose a branded one which is Alfa AWUS036ACH. Again, the compatibility and functionality will same. The factor that will differ is the build quality.

Now as you are aware about ” USB WIFI adapters used for hacking ” you can choose one for you according to your need.

I hope this article was informative. If I missed something or you have any doubts or queries, do let me know in comments.

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