How to Hack WiFi Password

In this tutorial, you will learn How to Hack WiFi Password using Fern WiFi Cracker. We can find wireless networks everywhere, and they are accessible by everyone within the transmission range of the router.

But most of the time a password is required to be able to connect with the network.

All the networks are vulnerable to many attacks. There is a number of ways to hack a wireless network, the standard way is to capture a handshake and then brute-force the password.

In this tutorial, you are going to learn the quickest method of How to Hack / Crack a WiFi Password. We are going to use the Fern WiFi Cracker tool in this tutorial.

How to hack / crack WiFi Password

What is Fern WiFi Cracker

Fern WiFi cracker is GUI based tool to crack wireless encryption. It comes preinstalled with Kali Linux.

How to hack wifi Password using Fern WiFi Cracker

First of all you need to install Kali Linux either in Virtual Box or as a main operating system. Alternatively you can use Kali Linux Live.

Step 1: First of all go to applications in Kali Linux.

Step 2: Select Wireless Attacks.

Step 3: Select Fern WiFi Cracker.

Step 3 wifi hack
Step 3 (wifi hack)

Step 4: In Fern WiFi Cracker window click on Select Interface and then select your wireless interface usually it will be wlan0.

Step 5: Then click on Scan for Access points.

Step 5
Step 5

Step 6: After Scan is completed click on WiFi WPA icon.

Step 6
Step 6

Step 7: Then Attack Panel will open. In Attack Panel select the network you want to hack. In our case we are selecting Home.

Step 8: Now click on Browse button and browse for word-list file. In our case we are using default (rockyou.txt) that comes with Kali Linux. You can search on Google for more wordlist files.

Step 9: Click on WiFi attack button. It will display you a popup, click on Ok.

Step 10
Step 10

Step 10: Wait for some time for handshake being captured.

Step 11: It will take some time depending upon the complexity and length of password. At the end Password will be displayed at the bottom of Attack Panel.

Last Step
Last Step

You can refer the video.

How to Hack/Crack WiFi Passwords using Fern WiFi Cracker

How to Prevent your Network from these type of attacks

  • Use a strong password(that is not in any wordlists) with all combinations of numbers, special characters, upper and lower case alphabets.
  • Do not use any dictionary words in your wifi passwords.
  • Whitelist the Mac address, so that attack may be successful to crack your password but the WiFi router will block the attacker since mac is not registered.


This article is meant to be an educational purpose only. The misuse of the information provided in this tutorial can result in criminal charges brought against the persons in prison. The tutors and will not be held responsible for any criminal charges against any individuals misusing the information provided in this tutorial to break the law.

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