What is rooting? Why should you root your Android?

This article is about what is rooting and what is root. In this article, I will not tell you how to root your phone, because that’s different for every phone, so let’s start.

What is Root?

Just like the wood of a tree root is the basic directory of Android it is the directory where everything else is stored, so the actual definition of the root is that this is the basic directory of Android where all the apps that have installed or the app data is stored.

So without root access, you cannot access the root directory.

You can only access the apps that are installed on the hard data, but when you gain root access you can allow all those apps that are installed, to make changes to the root directory.

As a matter of fact, the system admin is also called through, so this is the normal user under the root user.

The root user can access the root directory, so when you gain root access you become the root user and you can allow all the outside and installed apps, to access the root directory and the fun part is you can also make changes to it.

After rooting your phone, you can install various root app start of PMO functionalities and normal app that you use just for an example viper FX, it’s an equalizer app that increases volume by quite a bit and you should check that out and there are lot more apps like that.

You can install the Xposed framework and choose from thousands of Xposed modules that change everything from the color of your led to the system animations.

You can also delete, replace or make changes to the system elements like the system apps, like the Tyler Settings app, System UI Sigma.

Why should you root your Android

Why should you root your Android?

So now you know what root is, you will also like to know that routing is the process of gaining root access or in simple words, it’s a process of allowing you to make changes to the root directory, it is done by a simple procedure, you just have to place some binaries under /system/ xbins.

And these binaries can be placed in different ways, the most common way of placing this binary is by flashing them through custom recovery.

It is not something magical. It’s just accessing the root directory. The root is the actual directory where the Android system is installed, so now you can make changes to everything that’s under the Android system.

So rooting is just a gateway to all the modifications that you can do to your phone. You can install various apps that can make changes to the Android system. You can even install custom operating systems.  Start to change the whole layout of the system.

Is Rooting Legal?

Now rooting your phone is not illegal, it’s totally legal to root your phone.

Rooting does not void the warranty of your phone, but in the process of rooting you will have to unlock your bootloader, and unlocking the bootloader will void your warranty so if in the process of routing you have to unlock your bootloader then you have to worry about your warranty.

When you install a new custom ROM the whole system partition is deleted and new system elements replace them. So all the root binaries that were placed in /system/xbin will be deleted and you have to add them again unless your custom ROM is pre-rooted.

Most of the custom ROMs available nowadays are pre-routed and if there is no root available all you have to do is just go to the settings and enable root in most of the cases, it is in the developer settings.

So that’s it for this article do let me know if you liked this article by commenting. If you have any problems, you can also comment down.

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